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Throw a flying disc in VR.

Free playable demo below. You can also pay to get the source code.

This is a Unity project made to demonstrate VR flying disc physics. This solution is handled using a Unity rigidbody and vector math to apply forces to the flying disc to make it hover. It is the elegant result of quite a bit of experimentation.

Also includes logic to return the flying disc to the hand (like "using the force"), to generate the flying disc's missing colliders, and to limit the height of the flying disc as attained via hovering.

By purchasing this project, you are free to use the flying disc code in any project you create, without restrictions on commercial use. As noted below, the rest of the project is derived from free-to-use or open-source assets. Please refer to their licensing.

Included Open-Source Projects' Licensing

This project makes use of Moon Motion, and by extension, the SteamVR Plugin for Unity, as follows.

Uses Moon Motion for VR player setup such as locomotions and input controls. Please refer to its licensing here.
The SteamVR Plugin provides the Throwable functionality for velocity estimation upon throwing any object with VR controllers. Please refer to its license here.

This project was created in Unity 2018.1. If you are having compilation issues, please switch to that version of Unity. I cannot guarantee support for newer versions of Unity. Without a refund option for this purchase, please take this into account.

Tested for HTC Vive.

Controls: right hand trigger to return. Either hand trigger to grab; release to throw. Easily customizable using Moon Motion controls in-project.

Locomotion is touchpad-based treading ("smooth movement") and snap turning similar to Skyrim VR, with addition of left grip to jump and right grip (held) to ski. These are also customizable in the project.


Buy Now$63.99 USD or more

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